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In the world of Information Technology where continous advancement and upgradation is the norm, 'Technology' often does not imply solutions. We intend to bridge this gap by providing organizations with understanding and intelligence which are essential to imbibing the true benefits of technology; an approach that truly empowers organizations, hemping them exceed expectations.

ZIME is the result of an evolutionary process that was directed and dedicated towards integrating the complex worlds of Software and Hardware with the ultimate aim of user-friendliness.Today ZIME stands as a noteworthy point and signals the dawn of a new technological era in the region - an era which demands specialized services and specialized skill-sets in order to meet the growing needs of globalised organizations.


Our business is modeled on serving the customer and delivering solutions that cater to their needs. In today's volatile conditions, we believe that reducing costs, optimizing resources & conserving capital will go a long way in enabling us to build and maintain long term customer relationships, which will inturn fuel the engine of growth. Our strength lies in leveraging the virtue of our partnerships to first define the needs of our customers and then identifying and providing them with the right solutions.

ZIME has consistently maintained a single point focus on customer satisfaction. We have entered into partnerships with leading product companies and solution roviders across the globe for offering our customers a wide range of services and solutions to an ever-growing client base. Our various Business Units are the results of our endeavors to constantly innovate and offer better support and services to our customers.

We are committed to being the preferred solution provider to our customers, ever evolving, ever innovating and forever INSPIRING TECHNOLOGY

Vision: To be a professionally managed global corporation whish is a market leader in its line of business, delivering value to customers, every step of the way. To be the preferred high quality total solutions provider that partners client to truly harness the best in Information technology services.

Mission: To be the undisputed leader in the IT Services industry, by being the foremeost in continually harnessing cutting edge technology and catering to regional clientele.


We are a group of highly motivated people, who are inspired not by technology, but what it can do. Our project leaders and consultants are experts that possess vast industry experience. The team proactively participates in providing effective and optimal solutions to clients backed by apt service that focuses on building a long-lasting relationship and prides itself in taking time to really understand customer's business needs.

Dr. Faisal A Zayani - Chairman : As the Chairman of ZIME, Dr. Faisal provides strategic advice and direction, bringing a wealth of experience in managing its overall operations. He started the IT services initiative, Zayani Computer systems in 1983, with an enterprise division which in 2008 rebranded as ZIME - Zayani Infosystems Middle East. Dr. Faisal's visionary business acumen has undoubtedly catapulted Zayani Infosystems to the very forefront of the industry.

Mr. Sidique Azeez - General Manager : As the GM of ZIME, Mr. Sidique Azeez spearheads the higher-level strategic decisions of the company, providing critical decisive advice on potential growth areas thus directing its overall growth & expansion. He serves as the key linking device between the organization and its environment, which helps direct the company on its path of success. As an integral part of ZIME, he has important cross functional responsibilites on the day to day business: driving excellence in every single functional area, integrating consistency, cohesion and alignment across many moving parts in the business units.