Enterprise Servers and Storage

The selection of appropriate hardware depends on the required applications and a number of other important considerations. Data passes through a life cycle and it is essential that at each stage it is stored in appropriate medium. Cost benefits can be realized by the correct solution.We help our clients evaluate the important factors to create a custom built IT infrastructure strategy within their business and work with them to design a solution that meets their requirements.

Our range of Servers & Storage solutions include:

  • Industry Standard Servers
  • Blade Systems
  • Storage Consolidation and Security
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • File Area Network (FAN)
  • Storage Libraries, Autoloaders
  • DLTs, LTOs

Storage consolidation and virtualization are now critical given the growing archiving needs of corporations. The introduction of new applications as well as consolidation of new applications increases data availability and retrieval parameters across wide area and local area networks. We bring the best of alliances into yoir data center - whether hosted or outsourced. In addition, we bring IT management techniques that ensure high availability and security.

We thoroughly understand the complex challenges that organizations face in today's volatile business environment. We have teamed with major players in the Servers and storage arena to offer complete solutions that address these challenges. The proposed solutions will be based on high quality and high performance products that can help organizations accelerate growth in business, lower costs and mitigate risks.