What is the Internet of Things?

The internet allows us to access information and communicate with people almost anywhere on Earth at the click of a button.The Internet of Things lets us 'talk' to our devices, telling them what to do using remote controls, apps and even our voices. They can also talk to each other, passing useful information back and forth without your needing to manually handle anything.For IoT devices to work, they require inbuilt technology that allows them to connect to the internet as well as a network to remain connected.

The potential uses are almost unlimited, but by taking advantage of the Internet of Things, your products can carry out maintenance reporting and diagnostics on themselves.From computer hard drives to cars and aircraft, devices with Internet of Things capability can sense when components are exhibiting faults or when they near their expected end of life - and can report this information back to you, directly into your CRM system.

Instead of waiting for a device to just stop working, smart products can identify faults, communicate them to technical support and initiate actions to resolve them - from ordering replacement parts to requesting a completely new device.

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